About Idyllic Romania


Dear friend,

We are pleased to write you these words, hopping to meet you in person, soon.

We know you very well. You are a great person, in loved with the nature, have a big passion for tavel and adventure, you love to explore cultural places, too admire art and beautiful landmarks, want to experience, to discover and to enjoy every day something new, you love live and most important, you are interested to travel to Romania.

But as long as maybe you don't know us yet, allow us to present ourselves.

We are Cosmin and Diana, the owners and cofounders of the Fresh Holidays & Events Company, and we are passionate travelers and globetrotters.
Idyllic Romania is our soul project, a Fresh Holidays Company trade mark, started from passion and our deep love for our beautiful country, Romania, a truly idyllic place that we consider everybody should visit at least once in a lifetime.
As long as the historical and geographical information about Romania are so easy to find on the internet, we will not discuss about this, we will just launch you the invitations to visit and discover the Idyllic Romania.

Why would you do that?
It's simple! Because, if you don't, you will regret it for the rest of your life.
Don't believe us? Ask your friends, search the internet and you will find hundreds of reasons to visit Romania.

How can you do that?
It's easy, you just have to contact us, or explore our website, use our configurator or just contact one of our local partners in your country.

Why would you book an "Idyllic" program in Romania?

Because we can guarantee a complete satisfaction and we can assure you that your trip in Romania will be a memorable one, a real experience.
We have a lot of experience in organizing trips in Romania, many type of tours, conferences, events, big group programs, private group programs and so on, but our favorites are the small private groups, that we like to guide in person

Why do we prefer these small group programs?

Because this way, is the best way to discover the real idyllic Romania, to explore it's hidden stories and legends, to "get lost" in the middle of the nature, to admire and enjoy the fantastic landscapes, to meet the locals and step on the tracks of the ancient civilizations that together gave birth to the Romanian people.

It's a lot to say, and i could stay like this many nights to write you how beautiful Romania is, and to try to convince you to visit it, but it would be useless, because I know by experience that you, our dear tourist and friend, will one day come here, and you will never want to go back home again.

Till then, we will wait patiently for you to write us, to call us and we will give our best to organize for you the experience you always dreamt of.

Best wishes from Bucharest, the city that never sleeps, and hope to hear from you soon,

Cosmin and Diana