Brasov (pronounced Bra-shov), known as Kronstadt (with is translated as Crown City and is reflected in the city's coat of arms as well as in its Medieval Latin name, Corona) in German or Brassó in Hungarian was founded by the Teutonic Knights in 1211 on an ancient Dacian site and settled by the Saxons as one of the seven walled citadels. The seven walled citadels populated by the Saxons of Transylvania were known in German as the Siebenbürgen. The other Siebenbürgen citadels were: Bistrita (Bistritz), Cluj (Klausenburg), Medias (Mediasch), Sebes (Mühlbach), Sibiu (Hermannstadt), Sighisoara (Schässburg) . From 1950 to 1960, during part of the Communist period in Romania, the city was called Orasul Stalin (Stalin City), after the Soviet leader Joseph Stalin.

Brasov is located almost in the center of the country and surrounded by the Carpathian Mountains. The city exudes a distinct medieval ambiance and has been used as backdrop in many recent period films. Brasov is one of the most visited city in Transylvania, because the city boasts everything from dynamic modern city life to old world charm and fascinating scenery. Also, it's pleasant to have some of the extras as well, including some of the best cleanliness records in the country, great transport and great food. Due to fairly large minority populations, Hungarian and German are also spoken in addition to Romanian. Many locals also speak English.


• Zilele Brasovului (The Feast Days of Brasov) - usually take place within the week proceeding the Orthodox Easter Holidays. It has several fairs of craftsman, wine, food, etc. It is a feast of joy and fun. These celebrations are ended with the The Junii Fest, a very old preserved tradition. The end is on the so called Duminica Tomii (the first Sunday of Easter).
• The Beer Festival (Festivalul Berii) - is smaller and more popular with the locals and tourists. Usually held in the fall. Dozens of tents from several beer companies offer their products. Also, you will be able to get a taste of mici (Romanian grilled sausages) and other traditional foods. Local and national bands and artists of all persuasions take the stage.
Oktoberfest - Brasov organizes annual a copy of the German festival Oktoberfest. Like The Beer Festival, for a weekend of September you can drink beer, eat traditional food and listen good music.

EXPLORE the city of Brasov:

• Tartler House - is the house where Katharina, the mistress of Vlad the Impaler lived. The girl, only 17 year old, became the love of his life though they never got married. They had five children that along with Katharina lived in Tartler House.
• Biserica Neagra ("The Black Church"), a celebrated Gothic site - the building dates from 1477 and has acquired the name after being blackened by smoke from the 1689 great fire.
• Casa Sfatului ("The mayor's former office building"). The administration for Brasov was here for more than 500 years.
• Biserica Sf. Nicolae (St. Nicholas Church), dating back to the 14th century.
• The First Romanian School, a museum with the first Romanian printing press among many other firsts.
• Strada Sforii (The Rope Street) the narrowest street in Romania and possible to be the narrowest street in Europe.
• Schei, the historically Bulgarian but then Romanian neighborhood outside of the old walled city.
• Catherine's Gate, the only original city gate to have survived from medieval times.
• Schei Gate, next to Catherine's Gate, built in 1827.
• Muzeul Prima Carte Romaneasca, a museum exhibiting the first book printed in the Romanian language.
• Tampa, a small mountain in the middle of the city (900m above sea level), a sightseeing spot near the old city center.
• Cetatuia Brasovului - The "Brasov Citadel Fortress"

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