Herculane Spa Resort

Herculane Spa Resort, situated in the Banat Region, is one of Europes Oldes Thermal Spa Resort.

Founded by the Romans durring their ocupancy of the Dacian territories, Herculane Spa Resort is famous all over the world for the currative effects of it's mineral thermal springs.

One of the favorite SPA Resorts in Europe for Princess Sissi of Austria, Herculane used to be visited by tourists all over the world. Now, after the communist regime, Herculane tries to attract investors to become once again the pearl of the SPA Resort as it used to be.

Herculane is a beautiful place surrounded by natural beauties and it hides legends and stories comming back from the ancient times of gods and demons. Herculane is also one of the starting or ending points for our Idyllic Tours in the Banat Region and Mountains.

Find out more about Herculane and it's legends by booking one of the connected tours.

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