Orsova's story is dating back from the antiquity, when the Roman Empire rulled these teritories.

Situated on the Danube Shore right at the entrance in the Danube's Defilee, Orsova was always a very important place for our country and for entire Europe. From this place it was very easy to controll the militray and commercial traffic on the Danube, and this is why Orsova was always a target for the people who tried to get the control of the Danube River durring the centuries.

In the recent history, durring the comunist regime in the '70s, the old town of Orsova was flooded by the authorities to build the Iron Gates Hidroelectric facilities.With the building of the Iron Gates, one of the most valuable treasure of the Danube, the Island of Ada Kaleh dissapeard forever.

Ada Kaleh was an exotic island in the middle of the Danube River, with mediterranean climate, that was mentioned as a paradise place since the greek wirters used to travel these lands. Ocupied by the otomans, Ada Kaleh was a Romanian territory after the independence war, but the turkish population remained here to form a legendary comunity that stood still in time, resisting the passing of the ages.

To find out more about the legends and true history of Orsova and Ada Kaleh, book an Idyllic Connected Tour or send us you direct request, and our team willl configure a private tour just for you and your friends.

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