Sighetul Marmatiei

Situated in the extrem North of Romania, in the hearth of Maramures County, Sighetul Marmatiei is a historchal medieval town that represents a main attraction point when visiting Maramures.

Not only the architecture and the history of this small town are essential to see and learn. A special museum can be visited here, a museum built to keep the memory alive about the dark period of the communist regime in Romania. The "Pain Memorial" is a former political comunist prison, turn into a museum, where the political prisons where kept in the communist period by the dictatorial regime.

Here died some of the most important intelectuals and romanian politicians, tortured or brainwashed.

The violent and sad part of the Romanian recent history is revealed here, and this is a place not to be missed, even that a visit here can turn into a very depressing experience.

The history is not always happy or fun, and to learn out more about pains that the ones who refused the communist regime had to pass through, we invite you to book one of our tours in Maramures County and Sighetul Marmatiei.


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