Sighisoara Medieval Festival

Takes place in Sighisoara, between Friday, 25 July 2014 and Sunday, 27 July 2014

Sighisoara Medieval Festival

Sighisoara is a famous medieval walled town placed in the heart of Transylvania. A mystic place where Vlad the Impaler was born and where you can travel throw time and have a special medieval experience. Sighisoara Medieval Festival turns clocks back 750 years, to when orders of medieval knights roamed Europe on the way back from the Crusades.

The Festival "Medieval Sighisoara" reached its 22th edition and it's by far the largest medieval festival in Romania and fills the whole of the attractive medieval walled town, with events taking place in the evocatively titled squares - Knight's, Little Knight's, Troubadour's, Pilgrim's and Mercenaries plus the Chronicler's House and Blacksmith's Tower. The Festival has everything: costumes, medieval dances, knightly battles, crafts, knight orders, folk artists, medieval music, carnival of medieval masks, theater and animation. Each night ends with a torch lit parade and the ever-popular fireworks at midnight .

So step back in time and take a journey throw the middle ages, where you will enjoy concerts, fireworks, chivalry tournaments and archery, by booking one of our tours for the period of the festival or just send us your enquiry and we will configure a tailor made program, just for you and your friends.

Sighisoara awaits for you!


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