Stufstock Festival

Takes place in Vama Veche, between Friday, 1 August 2014 and Sunday, 3 August 2014

Stufstock Festival

Stufstock festival was started since 2003, when it gathered 15,000 people in Vama Veche (seaside village) to protest against what some people may consider bad quality music (i.e. manele and Romanian pop music), and to call for the preservation of Vama Veche from the large scale development that has overtaken much of Romania's Black Sea coast.

Meanwhile, the village has become more of a resort and the festival, among the best known the South - Eastern Europe.The fourth edition of Stufstock was in 2006 and was the first edition that required an entrance fee. Day one featured alternative rock and punk rock bands, day two featured hard rock and heavy metal bands, and day three featured jazz and blues.

Since then the festival has mushroomed and it's not only a music event. The programme has been extended to Filmstock, Bookstock, Art Workshop and theatre. And since the fun never ends in Vama Veche, since 2012 here is the "Adventure Camp" - you can add the taste of adventure to you trip by going extreme with sports: sailing, scuba diving, canoe, offroad, switch skin's surf, windsurfing, kitesurfing or stand up paddling (sup).

Stufstock, the longest open air rock festival in the Black Sea has managed to become a true musical and cultural experience for audiences in Romania and neighboring countries. In figures and numbers, Stufstock translates into: 200,000 visitors, 14 scenes, 86 Romanian troops, 48 foreign artists, 108 feature films and shorts and over 700 volunteers who participated in organizing and conducting the event.

Step into the musical and cultural experience and enjoy the wonders of Stufstock Festival, by booking one of our tours for the period of the festival or just send us your enquiry and we will configure a tailor made program, just for you and your friends.

This festival hasn't been completed and we will announce as soon as we find out the exact time when festival takes place.

Stufstock awaits you at the seaside in Vama Veche.


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