The Sanziene Fest

Takes place in Bucharest, between Saturday, 21 June 2014 and Tuesday, 24 June 2014

The Sanziene Fest

On June 24, people from Romania celebrate "The Sanziene Fest" (or "Dragaica's Fest") the only pagan holiday which was accepted by the Orthodox.  The fest marks the begging of summer (on 21 June is the summer solstice) and celebrates beauty, love and fertility. This night features magical events, summer bonfires are lit and held rituals of love. According to some experts, the feast has its origins in a primitive geto-dacic cult of the Sun. The Sanziene are a sort of fairies with yellow hair, beautiful women who live in the forests or plains, wearing white dresses and they sing and dance in circles and give special powers to weeds and flowers, turning them into healing plants for all kinds of diseases. It is said that on the night of Sanziene, girls and boys do mate. Old people say that on the night of Sanziene, the "iele" gather and dance in the woods, and who sees them remains silent for good or become mad. Also they believe that whoever does not respect Dragaica's feast and do their domestic tasks instead may have some misfortune coming their way.

Even if today you are still less account of tradition, especially in urban areas are people who still take into account the habits and stop daily activities to celebrate properly Sanzienele.

In Bucharest and other major cities, traditional fairs are organized to bring the magic of spirit among residents. Even museum organizes special events for this day. The Museums Minovici presents each year who wish to spend some magic moments with this ancient holiday.

In Borsa (Maramures area) there are held special celebration of Sanziene. The fest begins with a popular costumes parade. They cross the city to get up on the stage where they will perform various local folkloric concerts such as "Flori de cantec" (Musical Flowers), "Bujorul" and "Prislopul".


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